This blog aims to list all the films referenced in Gilmore Girls’ seven seasons. I am sure that I must have missed a lot of them so would be very grateful for additions and corrections in comments. Some references I have decided to omit and below is some of my reasoning behind what to include and what not to.

Each reference is detailed in a separate blog post and these are shown reverse chronologically as is traditional in blogs. The references are tagged with the film title and categorised according to episode. The episode is also cited in the post title. The search box can be used to find films in Gilmore Girls by other methods. The full film list can be used to find all the references to a particular film.

Where references are to stories that are books, plays, or TV programmes as well as films I use my own judgement as to whether to include them. Generally it will be the most iconic or Gilmore-relevant form of that fiction. For example the film Peyton Place is cited as it was a film before the series but the film could be considered more relevant than the books so I have included it. Frankenstein the James Whale film is cited a lot because many of the references tend to be of elements of the film not occuring in the novel (eg bolts in the monster’s neck).

If a character from a film series is mentioned the first film of the series is cited unless the reference was clearly to a later film. Similarly if there have been several versions/ remakes of a film the first/original will be cited unless the reference is to something specific to another version. For example when Rune refers to art theft in The Thomas Crown Affair he must be talking about the remake as the original film centred around robbing a bank, not an art gallery.

If any readers have objections about my choices I’m happy to hear them as this is utterly subjective.

One final note; I am British so my use of English will reflect this. I aim to use American when quoting directly from Gilmore Girls, although I may slip up, but British may be used elsewhere. This also means that I use the words film and movie interchangably.


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