1.1 The Little Match Girls

Lorelai and Rory are pausing apprehensively at Richard and Emily’s door for their first Friday night dinner.

Rory: So do we go in or are we going to just stand here re-enacting The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl (Arthur Davis, 1937)


1.1 The Mommie Dearest Treatment

Rory and Lorelai are at the Independence Inn the morning after they argued about Rory wanting to stay at Stars Hollow High for a boy (Dean).

Lorelai: You’re not going to give me the Mommie Dearest treatment forever are you?

Mommie Dearest (Frank Perry, 1981)

1.1 Ruth Gordon’s Tannis Root

Rory is clearing her locker at Stars Hollow High and bumps into Dean

Rory: God. You’re like Ruth Gordon just standing there with the tannis root. Make a noise.
Dean: Rosemary’s Baby. That’s a great movie, you’ve got good taste.

Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968)

1.1 Officer Krupke

Lorelai orders a second cup of coffee from Luke after he has already accused her of being an addict.

Lorelai: It’s not for me. It’s for Rory, I swear.
Luke: You’re shameless.
Lorelai: Look Officer Krupke, she is sitting right at that table.

West Side Story (Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, 1961)