1.14 Stella!

This reference recurs throughout the episode. Rory brings home a bird for a school project. Lorelai initially calls it Stanley but on being informed it’s a female bird changes the name to Stella who…

Lorelai: …was married to Stanley.

When the bird escapes Lorelai cries her name like Stanley does in the film.

Later, Lorelai tells Sookie about the incident with the bird.

Sookie: Stella is the chick? I like the name.
Lorelai: Streetcar Named Desire.
Sookie: Vivien Leigh or Jessica Tandy.
Lorelai: Hello. Tandy!
Sookie: Of course continue.

It seems that Jessica Tandy played Blanche Dubois in a version shown on Omnibus a TV series from the 1950s. I am not familiar with this so would appreciate any info in the comments. I have included the film version as a reference anyway.

A Streetcar Named Desire (Elia Kazan, 1951)


1.14 Grab Your Brush

Lorelai is in Luke’s talking about re-painting the place. She tells Luke that it will be fun and that they can sing painting songs. The song she makes up is rather to the tune of Nine to Five. A dubious reference admittedly.

Lorelai: Grab your brush and grab your rollers.
All you kids and all you… bowlers.

Nine to Five (Colin Higgins, 1980)